Shares and their pricing system represent the compounding mechanism within HEX. Below you will find some videos and graphs explaining major aspects of the share price.

Short Presenation about Shares

Developer Kyle explains how Shares equal compound Intrest in HEX

Also Kryptosparbuch did some good T-Share guides:

HEXCHANGE 2021 Presentation from Kryptosparbuch about the Power of Shares

Here you can find out how much you can make with T-Shares:

T Share price is rising
T Shares in HEX
Shares become scarce
Shareprice after BPD
T Shares and HEX in $
Daily Payout per TShare
T Share Payout & $ Sum
Payout per TShare in HEX
T Share Payout & $ Price
Share Market Cap
Share Market Cap and USD Value
Total amount of shares
T Share in USD