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PULSEGRAPHS is your One-Stop-Shop for understanding Pulse and onboarding your friends and family.

Please understand that this entire site reflects my personal opinion and is in no way investment advice. Before you do anything please understand that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and unregulated. There is no investor protection. You have to do your own due diligence. Never risk anything you cannot afford to lose. Please read Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

I built this website to share my insights about PulseChain with you. Yet there are no analytics and graphs on the website because there is no data yet. However, you can find here links and sources to get started with PulseChain and to understand it.

As soon as possible graphs and statistics will follow.


What is PulseChain


PulseChain will be the new blockchain for many current ERC20 tokens – like HEX.

The Opportunity

 Because PulseChain will be the biggest airdrop in the history of cryptocurrencies. As a full fork of Etherium each and every ERC20 token from ETH will be copied over as well as soon as the fork will happen between May and June 22.

The Purpose of PulseChain

Both cryptocurrencies HEX and Pulse are from the same founder Richard Heart.

With HEX many people became millionaires by staking their money and protecting themselves from panic sells.

However, ERC20 tokens like HEX that are piggibagging the Etherium (ETH) blockchain also come with a disadvantage. All these token owners are being forced to pay high transaction fees, strongly dependent on the ETH price.

In other words, it became harder to become millionaire with smaller investments.

And in crypto it is a big deal to pay $ 30 to $ 60 each time for buying or selling.

Nobody should pay this money in crypto.

This is why PulseChain is such a big opportunity.


In the following sections you find all insights and onboarding information you need to get into PulseChain.

Video description: HEX in a nutshell

Video description: Aug 4, 2021: Richard Heart Interviewed by Kitco News Part 1

Video description: Aug 4, 2021: Richard Heart Interviewed by Kitco News Part 2

Video description: HEX Rewind 2020

Video description: Mike Maloney explains why we all need an alternative to the existing monetary system. That alternative is Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


Buy HEX with your Credit Card (Hexican Store)


Buy HEX with your Credit Card (Transak)


HEX Exchange (Uniswap Eth to HEX Frontend)

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